Winter Paradise

We have a new website

We bombed passing cars with snowballs.

We bombed passing cars with snowballs.

We will still keep our blgospot site up for a while, but will only make edits to darbyfamily,org. It’s not complete yet, but you can see some basic news and pictures. Let us know what you think.. what you like, what you think we could do differently. Hope you all have a wonderful 2010!

Global Warming has ended!Quick! Somebody ring Obama and the folks in Copenhagen! It looks like global warming has ended.  At least it appears so for us up in the north of Sweden. I’ve been hoping for a really cold and snowy Christmas from many years. It seems it usually either rains or sunshines, but it hardly ever snows. Finally, things have changed. Veronica’s dad even read recently that some scientists are suggesting we may be entering a new ice age. Well, isn’t that just ironic? Until it does, we’ll be enjoying the wintery days of the north. So far, we’ve built snow shelters, cross-country skied and even been to the indoor water slides! The saunas here rock! The roads are icy, but we drive slower to compensate.

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