The connection between grilled salmon and BP

grilled salmon and riceI overdosed on my blood pressure medicine this morning. I put my pills in this little pill box, all in place so I will take the right amount time. But this morning I accidentally opened it too far and took the evening’s dose as well as the morning’s.

As I was swallowing the pills my mind flashed back 2.5 seconds where I envisioned two pink pill lying in my hand instead of one. Yikes! So I rang the medical assistance number that you can ring here in Sweden if you have a medical concern, and they told me to take it easy for the rest of the day; no driving, drink lots of water, and have someone around me at all times in case I get dizzy and pass out, in which case I should ring 112 – Emergency.

So for lunch we ate this amazing grilled salmon. I grill as often as I can, because I simply love to grill! I added a little oak wood – or was it ash.. or birch? Hmmm! Not sure. – Anyhow, I salt my salmon an hour before grilling and put it straight on the grill for 10 minutes. I’m sure that the extra salt helped counteract the effects from the excessive BP medicine.

I served the salmon with white jasmine rice and ricolla salad – included tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese, sunflower seeds, lemon juice and olive oil.

You might be wondering what all this food stuff has to do with overdosing on blood pressure medicine? Absolutely nothing!

I have to have some excuse to write about food.

Living the Dream.. Whooooooo!

Living the dreamDoes this group of travelers look happy to you? I didn’t think so.

I learned you should never tell your audience to Smile when you’re forcing them to stop and pose for a photo when all they want to do is get back to that minibus and get home, after a long day at the River.

It’s not that we had a bad time down at the river. It was lots of fun. The kids got to swim, we managed to get most of the food into their bellies before it hit the dirt and sand. No one fell from a cliff.. or from the swinging bridge. Yup. All in all, you could say it was a  pret-ty fun day.

But, as most parents know, time wears thin on the nerves. And by the time I took this photo, I could see the actual nerve proteins glistening through the thin veneer of each nerve in each parent’s body. The phrase ‘conniption fit’ comes to mind right now.

Oh, and the best part of the story – I didn’t say the best thing, but the best part of the “These people are all pretty annoyed right now”, story – is that the boys you see standing on the other end of the bridge; well, they started swinging it back and forth when all the little kiddies had reached the middle of it. This was too much for my friend Preston, and he shouted at them with that angry, protective father voice, “Hey! Cut it out!” with a really strong Canadian accent. Hmm. I think they understood what he meant, even if they didn’t speak English.

It’s easy to look back and laugh about it now, but at the time I didn’t say a word.

Hey Preston, we’re living the dream. Whooooooo!

Bottom Billionaires

Street in KathmanduMy wife started reading a book called ‘The Bottom Billion’ while we got to Kathmandu. It’s about the poorest billion people in the world.

Nepal is included in this group of nations. With its dusty roads, electricity outs, curfews, gas shortages and sex trafficking, many would say “Nepal is in bad shape!” One of the traits of a bottom billion nation is that the country is often landlocked. Nepal’s neighbors are India and Tibet. India sells Nepal their gas and buys their hydroelectric power – They can pay more for it than the local Nepalis. Many of Nepal’s young girls and boys are tricked, er! I mean.. sold for sex. First stop on their journey, India. And then there’s Tibet. Hmmm! Not gonna get much help from those neighbors. Or? Can anybody correct me here?

Nepal used to be a monarchy for like,  forever. Only recently, this century I believe, did they cash that system in for a “democracy”. But they still don’t have a constitution. They’re supposed to be voting on their new constitution any day now, but they just extended the deadline. They’ve tried writing a constitution before but failed. A written document of beliefs can help steer a nation in a good direction.

All this bad news from this bottom billion member state, and yet, God created the Nepali people. They’re a wonderfully hospitable and friendly bunch of people. I like to think of Nepal as a sort of India in slow motion. It looks like India, but not entirely. It sounds like India, but you don’t need to use the earplugs quite as often. It smells like India, but not as strong. Yeah, Nepal is a special place.

Ten ideas for creating killer posts

swedish farm in springtimeHere’s a cool video I found today with some great tips on making your blog [or Facebook] posts more interesting to read. I believe it will be helpful, even if you’re not a photographer!

If you’re a photographer on G+, chances are you’re mostly followed by other photographers. But there’s a lot more to creating a captivating presense on G+ than posting a new photo every day. Author and photography instructor Matt Kloskowski (co-host of the photography talk show “The Grid” gives you his Top 10 tips for creating posts for photographers that engage, inform and inspire.

My 7 takeaways from the video

  1. Post at regular times – i.e. Facebook traffic is highest during the middle of the week in the middle of the day
  2. Share a Top Ten list
  3. Do a post on ‘How To’ or ‘Lessons Learned’
  4. Quick reviews – Three things I like about “X” (where “X” might be my DTS, working as a misisonary, my camera bag)
  5. Use simple words – Don’t use words people won’t understand.
  6. Take polls or ask questions
  7. Interviews – Ten questions with “X” (some person your readers might be interested in)


They came bearing gifts

Lucas and his friendThe first thing we did when we arrived in Kathmandu was sleep! The next morning, the first thing we did was give our friends some presents we had packed all the way from Sweden.

To see the smiles on their faces, especially the children, made me think just how powerful an act gift giving can be; especially if it’s a gift given to someone who lives far away.


Preston's new grill
Preston tries out his brand new Weber grill brought all the way from Colorado Springs

I’m back!

Any chance I had of becoming a famous photo blogger just about disappeared completely. My last entry was posted the day before my surgery.

Well, I’m here to say, “I’m back baby!”

tulips and oak tree
I took this photo in fornt of the dining hall at Restenäs. Maybe you recognise that old oak tree.

Winter Paradise

We have a new website

We bombed passing cars with snowballs.

We bombed passing cars with snowballs.

We will still keep our blgospot site up for a while, but will only make edits to darbyfamily,org. It’s not complete yet, but you can see some basic news and pictures. Let us know what you think.. what you like, what you think we could do differently. Hope you all have a wonderful 2010!

Global Warming has ended!Quick! Somebody ring Obama and the folks in Copenhagen! It looks like global warming has ended.  At least it appears so for us up in the north of Sweden. I’ve been hoping for a really cold and snowy Christmas from many years. It seems it usually either rains or sunshines, but it hardly ever snows. Finally, things have changed. Veronica’s dad even read recently that some scientists are suggesting we may be entering a new ice age. Well, isn’t that just ironic? Until it does, we’ll be enjoying the wintery days of the north. So far, we’ve built snow shelters, cross-country skied and even been to the indoor water slides! The saunas here rock! The roads are icy, but we drive slower to compensate.

Testing, One.. Two.. Three!

Lucas on the beach
Lucas loves the beach

These first few posts are simply me trying to see how our new website will look. I basically sit here and add some text and pics to see how it will look on our pages. So, if this is too boring for you, well.. it’s obvious, I guess, that you can simply click away from this page. But, do come back, y’hear? these pages will soon be filled with awesome stuff. We hope.. right?

It snowed today

Rasmus on the ferry
Of course, it isn't snowing here. This is actually northern Sweden in the summertime. And this is Ramsus on the ferry.

Okay, so it snowed every day for the past three or four days. And I love it! because we are in northern Sweden. It’s dark but it is very Christmasy.. did I spell it right? I built a snow fort for Rasmus nad Lucas today. Rasmus dug it but Lucas was only happy to be outside. It’s kind of wrong how much he doesn’t mind the blasting -15 degree celcius, cold air. What a man. Must be a Darby 🙂

Photo exhibit hits the news!

A young Kurdish girl looks over her father's balcony in Dalaberg, a suburb of Uddevalla.

Lydia Callsen, my Media Co-worker from Germany just left for home this week, but not without leaving a positive impression on Uddevalla, our closest neighbouring city. I helped Lydia plan and pull off a photo exhibit about the Life in Uddevalla. We often hear that there is nothing good in Udevalla, that it is boring and dead. Do you know a town like that? So I iencouraged Lydia to do something about it.

She, along with myself and another photographer went around Uddevalla several times and simply took photos of people and places. The result was a photo exhibit which showed during Uddevalla’s Fjordfestival. The exhibit was held in a small basement café called Saronhuest which is owned and run by the churches of the city. We didn’t attract large crowds, but many who came really enjoyed the photos. We had many opportunities to simply get to know the people of Uddevalla during our photo shoots. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of reaching out to a city in more ways than traditional Friday night evangelism. And the conversations seemed more real to me. I think I’ll do more stuff like this!