How to break a rule without sinning

boys in front of oak treeThe most important thing I’ve learned lately, in regards to photography, has been ‘seeing the light’.

Light is the one thing that is essential to photography.  The word Photography means literally, ‘drawing with light’.
“Photo” is derived from Greek – the Greek word “phos” means “light.”
The word “graph” also comes from a Greek word meaning “to draw.”

It’s kind of cool to think that I can take a shot like this one using just my Android phone and some available light.

How I found this shot

This oak tree is being illuminated by the sun’s reflection bouncing off of some kitchen windows a few meters away. The sun itself is directly behind the tree.

The light was so wonderful, I simply couldn’t resist asking my boys to strike a pose for me.

“Dad! Not again!” I could see it written on their faces.

A year ago I wouldn’t have thought of taking this shot, because, as a general rule you’re not supposed to shoot into the sun. But that’s the cool thing about knowing the rules.. because then you know how to break them!

10 things Nepal has that we don’t

Where did my stuff go?

Veronica sitting on the back stepsOur ‘stuff’ takes so much of our time and attention. What I mean by ‘stuff’ is our techy stuff, like our iPhones, our computers, social media, uhm.. even blog posts! So, when we got to Kathmandu we decided we would try and let the modern world take the back seat for most of our travels. And here’s the result! Veronica, sitting on the back steps of our friends’ house, with nothing to do but chill. Niiice!

It blows my mind how much more relaxed and focused we became when we set aside our ‘stuff’. And, it’s also shocking how much time and energy – especially the mental kinds – we actually spend on our ‘stuff’.

Of course, other things still demand our attention: whining children, hectic pre-meal activities, and putting kids to bed. But, by just putting one tiny device like a phone, or a camera, on the shelf for a day, or two, or more.. brings balance and perspective.

The Challenge: Try putting some of your ‘stuff’ on the shelf for 24 hours, or longer if you dare! Then, see if you don’t start crying, like a baby in its crib, without a bottle! Or if you start to feel more relaxed. I bet if you do it enough times in a row, you’ll start to feel more relaxed. We did.

Nothing to do but wait

mother and boys sitting on sofa
Veronca and the boys sit on the Thiessen's sofa in their flat in Kathmandu, Nepal, after just arriving on our four week journey.


This photo sort of sums up where we are at the moment as a family. After four weeks of traveling through Nepal and Thailand on various missions – visiting friends, leading retreats and investigating ministry locations and opportunities – we are now resting and waiting on the Lord. It’s a hard thing to do, rest and wait on God when you want to see the next step we are to take with our lives.

During a prayer time, we clearly heard God say that he wants us to wait for now and just give our minds and expectations a rest and let him do his thing. “God! It seems everybody is waiting for an answer. They all know that one of the reasons we went to Asia was to see if there were any possibilities of moving out there!”

But God showed us that he wanted us to simply wait and not worry about what people think. I think about when Jesus took his time to reach a person he was asked to heal – Lazarus and Jairus’ daughter –  They both died before he got there. But then he raised them from the dead! And there is God’s encouragement to us, that he will not leave us stranded with no road map and directions.

So, this month will be a time of resting and waiting. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy the stories and pictures I have to share.


Veronica reads a Bamse comic book to the boys while Matsola fiddles with his new digital point-and-shoot.

Utflykt means ‘outing’ in Swedish. Like, when you go for a hike and bring along some snacks and coffee. So Veronica, and the boys, and I did that with her Pappa. Ramsus and I rode our bicycls, on the big road! Wow! Then we headed over the bridge to Restenäs Island where we had fika, watched the boys play in the small playground, tried to feed melon rinds to the sheep across the fence and hunted for blackberries. We didn’t find but a small handful of blackberries, but we found a whole heap of quality time together. It makes a huge difference when we take time out for family, or relationships or even just some time alone to clear our thoughts and connect with God.

Violin ABC’s – A child’s perspective


[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Lucas sings and plays” autoplay=”0″]

Like the spotting the rare species of ‘Sierra Nevada Red Fox’, I was able to capture Lucas with both the camera and the MP3 recorder.

Enjoy his concert!

PS Click on the image to catch a better glimpse.

Who wants to be a serious player?


I remember when I was a boy, and I would lay just like Rasmus is doing in this photo. Not a care in the world, just playing and making believe. and if there was a care, well.. the play would extinguish it almost instantly. There is something unique about play. I heard recently from a famous designer that our work should be like serious play. when the play becomes somber play, then we lose our edge, our creativity, and life becomes bull and uninspiring, Here are a few more photos our serious play.  I hope you will enjoy them 🙂