Sunrise on the beach

2010-03-07 07.38.17.jpgI got up early – 7:30am HA!HA! – to walk on the beach and read a bit of scripture. It was only me out there. All the fishermen must have been asleep from a long night’s work. The boats were resting and I picked up a dead sand crab skeleton to show to Rasmus at breakfast. The mornings are pleasent and the rest of the day heats up like a steamy skillet, although it really isn’t that bad. We have the pool to cool off, so that’s okay. The first of our staff arrived in the middle of the night and one of them is sick with a stomach bug. But we’ll all be fine in a day I am sure.

Dolphin Bay

It's all about the squid. This is where they set them to dry in the sun (at least I think that's what they're for)

It’s all about the squid. This is where they set them to dry in the sun (at least I think that’s what they’re for)

What began as a very long night (last night), of little boys suffering from jet lag and stomach bugs, turned out to be a relaxing evening (tonight) as Veronica and I read through a helpful book on how to debrief the people we will  be serving next week at the retreat here in Dolphin Bay, Thailand. Veronica’s favorite thing so far about our family vacation is the sun, the swimming and being with a bunch of cool M’s from different organisaitons who feel as if they are old friends. Hey! That’s more than one thing! Mine is simply that I get to eat Thai food. But I better back back off on the peppers. Enjoy more of today’s photos on our picasaweb profile.

Asian Meatballs

Veronica, Rasmus and Lucas enjoy some fresh, warm air outside our room at Juniper Tree in Dolphin Bay.

Veronica, Rasmus and Lucas enjoy some fresh air outside our room after the “incident”.

Are you ever amazed at the amazing timing of a quiet moment coinciding with barf? This evening, just as we put the boys to bed and sat down outside to relax and enjoy the night breeze, Blwagh! Lucas threw up all over his bed sheets. Probably something he caught before we left Sweden. Except for this, we have been having a wonderful time. We eat Thai food for lunch, then Western food for dinner.The water and the air feel like nearly the same temperature, which makes it absolutely perfect to be here. There are a few other families and couples here at Juniper Tree.It is such a cool place, totally quiet on our street which sits just across te small road from the beach. Photos to come to our Picasa web albums soon!

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5 kronor coin
This is the back of a Swedish, five kronor coin

I searched around a bit and found a cool plugin for our website that allows us to have two languages. Perfect for a bi-lingual family like ours, eh? So now, if you are Swedish you can simply click on the Swedish flag and, if Veronica has had time to translate my articles, you can enjoy it all in the comfort of your own language. We do this because we love you 🙂 Let us know what you think by replying at the bottom of this post.