Make somebody happy, keep your promise

Nun and friendsI asked a very cool photographer in Nepal what her one bit of advice would be to a traveling photographer, and she said this, “If you take someone’s picture, and you tell them you’re going to send one to them when you get back home, then do it.”

So I made it a point to keep my promise every time I had such an encounter with a local. It happened a couple of times, and this photograph is an example of one such encounter. It happened this way.

It was a hot and sunny day. My friend, Preston, and I were walking up a steep mountain road. “Why were we walking?” you may ask. Well, that’s fodder for another post. Anyhow, we met these three women about half-way up the hill. We greeted one another, and then, in good Asian fashion, began to chat about how far it was to the top, where we were from, and stuff like that. Oh yeah! They were wanting to take a group photo, but their camera wasn’t working right, so I offered to take it with mine and then send them the picture when I got back home.

“Okay Rob! Remember what your photographer friend said; keep your promise.”

Funny how powerful one bit of advice can stick with you, because every time I saw this photo on my computer, I felt this urgency to send the photo to the nun in the photo.

So, after soon as I got home, I dug out that crumpled piece of paper where the nun had written down her contact information. But the paper showed only the name of her ‘nunnery’ – Is that what you call them? I should have paid better attention in Cathecism! Anyhow, I did a search on the web; it took about 10-15 minutes. I finally found something that seemed to match the name on the paper. So I sent the photo to the main email address and waited.

I never heard back from the recipient, so I don’t actually know if the photo ever reached her. But I can sleep at night knowing I followed through on my promise.

One small act of kindness

Veronica and I were walking along the streets of Gothenburg the other evening, when we came across a stuffed teddy bear lying on the cobblestone street.

teddy bear

Veronica commented with emotion only a mother could express “Aw! The poor child who lost this stuffed animal must be super sad.”

Then she said, “Hey! I wonder if it belongs to that family with the stroller that just passed us!”

So she turned around and caught up to the family. Within seconds all of them were heading back towards the ‘crime scene’.

Sure enough! The toy belonged to the little baby in the stroller. The family was very thankful that we made the effort to return their teddy bear.

Even doing a little act of kindness for a stranger, even if it’s a little thing like returning a lost teddy bear, sure makes you feel good inside.

Time Away

Mom and the boys
Veronica, Rasmus and Lucas heading back to our house from a visit to Mormor and Morfar.

It just sort of sounds right to call it ‘time Away’. After all, that’s what it is.. time away from the ‘ordinary’ unusual life that we live. We’ll still be serving Swedish Meatballs, but they will be a bit hotter because we need to heat them more up in this freezing climate. Brrr! We moved into a warm little house just ten-minutes walk from Veronica’s parents.  Very cool! We take the sled there or if we’re lazy, we take the car. Or if it’s -15, we take the car. Rasmus and Lucas have their own room. The Christmas tree is up. Stuff is pretty much all in its place.. cause, well, that’s the way I like things, neat and orderly. Heh!Heh! I have a rippin’ cold and cough at the moment, as do Ras and Luc. Yesterday afternoon the three of us ate some food at the kitchen table, and we were all coughing in unison. We’ve already had a few guests over for fika, and it feels much more relaxed. I suppose that’s because there isn’t as much work talk going on, as it does at Restenäs. This is one thing I do not miss too much! Although I miss all of our friends there.

Back in Phnom Penh – Final week

Sorry no pics today. And in the next few days I will be posting some of my photos I have taken over the past couple of weeks. In the meantime, watch my latest youtube videos from this trip.

I left Siem Reap this morning and again, had a case of the stomach bug. What is it with stomach bugs and busses? Anyhow, I personally was fine, but the poor chap who threw up somewhere near the front of the bus was not so lucky. Eventually, the smell lingered its way to the back of the bus and some of the more bold Khmer passangers began to complain by shouting at the driver’s helper to do something.. open a window I guess. You know, you try your best to repeat the mantra, “It’s only a form of strong, French cheese.. It’s only a form of strong, French cheese..” but somehow you can’t fool the ol’ sniffer!

So I have one week left here in Cambodia, and honestly, I have felt a little discouraged because I haven’t been able to find the “story” I was hoping to find during my time here. But I have an entire week to find it. So hope and pray for success will you? I think I need to just keep listening to God and trust Him to lead me to the right peoples and places.

Videos from our trip

I’ll leave this YouTube playlist up for a while so u can watch our videos.

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