A Tailor-Made Film For Syrians

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There are a number of well-made and powerful documentaries that hi-lite the Syrian crisis; films whose primary audience is the world. But what if someone made an encouraging drama film for Syrian people to watch? That’s why we decided to make a film about God’s love for this beautiful nation of people; to shine some light their way in a time of darkness.

“May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Hello! My name is Rob. I’m part of a team of experienced, international film-makers. Together, we are planning to produce a cross-cultural drama film that shares a message of hope with the Syrian people.

We will be partnering together with Syrian refugees to help us tell a powerful story of God’s redemption in the midst of resettlement. It will be a culturally relevant film, tailored just for them. The language will be their own, and the actors themselves will be Syrian!

The Challenge

As a cinematographer, my passion is to produce a high-quality, visually pleasing film. In order to do that, I need to upgrade my camera gear. But as a full-time volunteer, the ability to upgrade my tools is often dependant upon the donations of generous backers like yourself.

By backing this campaign, you will play an important role in helping us create a one-of-a-kind film for Syrians worldwide. Together we can do it!

Details about the film

The film is inspired by the true stories of Syrian refugee families who have escaped the horrors of war, by fleeing to Sweden to begin a new life. It is a film about two Syrian refugee women and their journey toward redemption. The story is based on the Book of Ruth from the Hebrew Scriptures, yet modernised and set in present day Sweden, home to many of the Syrian refugees. It is a story of faith, miracles and redemption. It is about starting life again, in a new land, full of hope! Production will take place near Gothenburg, Sweden beginning May 28th and finishing July 8th, 2017.

All our films are shared freely and have been well-received by the people for whom we make them. In fact, one film we produced in Indonesia was so popular it was pirated, and copies of the film could be found in many of the video shops throughout the island of Java!

Our film team is made up of people from many different cultures: Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Sweden, Zimbabwe, Canada and USA. We’ve been doing these kinds of cross-cultural films for over 25 years.


The tools below will enable me to make a high-quality film at relatively low cost. Click on each item’s name for details and prices.

When the film is completed I will continue using these tools to make similar, high-quality films and documentaries for other people groups. So you can be confident knowing that your investment will continue to yield results!

*Costs reflect the approximate price of the items in the list. The remaining balance will cover camera accessories and shipping. Items will be shipped to our team address in USA and delivered to me in time for filming. 

Don’t Forget the Perks!

Make sure to check out the perks. They are my personal way of saying ‘Thank You’ for backing this campaign. And don’t fret! If I don’t reach my campaign goal, your Perks will still be delivered 🙂

Film Crew T-shirts – choice of black or white.

Below is an example of the Producer perk. A signed landscape print from an image I took while living in Sweden. I chose to give these as perks to share my love for landscape photography and the great outdoors.

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Risks and challenges

There is always a risk that the film production will be delayed due to illness, work or family obligations, etc.  But fickle schedules and sudden turns of event are nothing new to our experienced crew. And we are confident that the movie will be released by summer 2018. Our team in Sweden are already securing locations, accommodations and actors in preparation for the film.

Unable to donate right now?

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Summing it up

It’s not every day that someone wants to make a movie for an entire nation… for free!

Perhaps you have wanted to bring some kind of relief to the Syrian people. Or maybe you simply like the idea of sharing God’s love with them. You can do both by backing this campaign.

Thank you for considering!

Thai Noodles – February 2013

a new season, a new taste, a new land

These are the first Thai noodles I bought since arriving in Chiang Mai. They were delicious!Guess what we ate for lunch today. Thai noodles! It happened this way. I rode my bike down a few streets and around a few corners and ended up at a neighborhood restaurant. I used my best Toddler Thai to order some food. The owner was gracious and waited as I stumbled over words that, for any Thai adult would be easy to say; words like “food” and “have” and “how long?”. What a gracious man he was! – I hear-by repent of any attitude I’ve ever held towards people who have tried to learn my ‘engrish’ language. – I’m encouraged by how many Thai strangers have willingly set down their coffee cups – and their agendas – to help me learn their language. And they tell me that I’m “Dee maa!” (very good) at speaking Thai. I hope they’re not just being nice.

What’s not so encouraging are the massive changes, and steep learning curve, our family is on as we try to settle into a completely new culture. Since we arrived a month ago, we’ve tried not to depend too heavily on the ever-helpful, and much appreciated, ex-pat community. Not that we want to avoid the ex-pats, because we’re ‘one’ of them! And several of them have been instrumental in helping us get settled. But we know all too well how easy it is to enter the ‘bubble’ and never step out again, where the locals are.

The woman on my right is the cafe owner. She and her employee (Ning) greet me with a friendly smile every time I stop by to So, to strike a balance, we’re doing little things like, hanging out at coffee stands and biking to the market, where Veronica and I practice our latest Thai words and phrases. And every time we go out, we’re humbled by the generous time and patience people show us to help us ‘get it right’. When it comes to language learning, I’ve never encountered a culture that has been as gracious and helpful to its foreign guests as the Thai culture.

It’s not as easy, however, for the boys to connect with the Thai culture. Most of Rasmus’ day, for example, is spent in class at a wonderful International school. But by the time he comes home from school, does his homework and eats dinner, it’s getting dark. He’s exhausted from all the new adjustments in his life. And the boys in Lucas’ pre-school co-op are all westerners, so he doesn’t get much of a  chance to meet other thai children his age there. But, he does get to learn some Thai through the language teacher who teaches them once a week.

Veronica and I are finding our way around the area so we can practice our Thai at the local market.In spite of these challenges, this first month has been tremendously easy compared to the challenging stories we’ve heard from others over the years. We’ve been able to move right into a well-furnished sub-let for six months, buy a car, open a bank account and set up mobile phone numbers, all with little or no hassle. So, the challenges we have faced, pale in comparison to the blessings we have received. We pray it continues this way. It’s like this Bible verse a friend sent to me recently when she heard I had been struggling for a couple of days: “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him…” Jeremiah 17:7-8 Thank you God for blessing our family as we follow you into new places!

Pray with us

1. Language and culture learning – This is our main focus for the coming months. Veronica’s class is very intense and packed with new information, making it hard for her to take it all in. My class meets at a different time and has a much slower pace. So I need to push myself to self-study. Pray for us both that we find the right balance to get the most out of these coming months. The great thing about learning in Thailand is the many people we come into contact with and the openness they have towards us. What an opportunity to show Christ’s love back to them. As they say, “Language learning is ministry.”

bedtime Nabi2. Our boys – Our new changes are affecting the boys more than us. Please pray that Rasmus and Lucas begin to enjoy their new home and culture more. In reality, they have to adjust to two new cultures; the Thai culture and the Ex-pat culture, both of which are quite different from what they’re used to in Sweden.

3. Safety – The biggest difference we see between Thailand and the West is the lack of safety all around us. Chiang Mai has the nation’s highest traffic accident rate. The many motorcycles and cars that share the roads, and the lack of concern for traffic laws, make for a potentially dangerous driving experience. Cars are expensive, but if I had my way, I’d buy two cars to avoid the statistics of driving a motorcycle. Please pray for safety as we travel daily in this new environment. I’ll probably be buying a small motorcycle to get to and from work, which I’m not looking forward to very much!

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Time Away

Mom and the boys
Veronica, Rasmus and Lucas heading back to our house from a visit to Mormor and Morfar.

It just sort of sounds right to call it ‘time Away’. After all, that’s what it is.. time away from the ‘ordinary’ unusual life that we live. We’ll still be serving Swedish Meatballs, but they will be a bit hotter because we need to heat them more up in this freezing climate. Brrr! We moved into a warm little house just ten-minutes walk from Veronica’s parents.  Very cool! We take the sled there or if we’re lazy, we take the car. Or if it’s -15, we take the car. Rasmus and Lucas have their own room. The Christmas tree is up. Stuff is pretty much all in its place.. cause, well, that’s the way I like things, neat and orderly. Heh!Heh! I have a rippin’ cold and cough at the moment, as do Ras and Luc. Yesterday afternoon the three of us ate some food at the kitchen table, and we were all coughing in unison. We’ve already had a few guests over for fika, and it feels much more relaxed. I suppose that’s because there isn’t as much work talk going on, as it does at Restenäs. This is one thing I do not miss too much! Although I miss all of our friends there.

Back in Phnom Penh – Final week

Sorry no pics today. And in the next few days I will be posting some of my photos I have taken over the past couple of weeks. In the meantime, watch my latest youtube videos from this trip.

I left Siem Reap this morning and again, had a case of the stomach bug. What is it with stomach bugs and busses? Anyhow, I personally was fine, but the poor chap who threw up somewhere near the front of the bus was not so lucky. Eventually, the smell lingered its way to the back of the bus and some of the more bold Khmer passangers began to complain by shouting at the driver’s helper to do something.. open a window I guess. You know, you try your best to repeat the mantra, “It’s only a form of strong, French cheese.. It’s only a form of strong, French cheese..” but somehow you can’t fool the ol’ sniffer!

So I have one week left here in Cambodia, and honestly, I have felt a little discouraged because I haven’t been able to find the “story” I was hoping to find during my time here. But I have an entire week to find it. So hope and pray for success will you? I think I need to just keep listening to God and trust Him to lead me to the right peoples and places.