How to tell which battery is good

Tale of two batteriesI have this dilemma. As a photographer, I use a lot of batteries. And after a while, I have to start keeping track of which batteries can hold a good charge and which ones can’t. It’s kind of like cat herding; I spend lots of mental energy trying to design systems to keep the good and bad batteries separated. You might say to yourself, “Piece’a cake. Just put them in two separately marked pockets!” But, for me, it doesn’t work. I still mix them up.

I’m all for saving a few bucks when possible, but at some point, I need to decide if it’s worth the hassle. You see, I was asked to shoot a friend’s wedding this summer. So, for me, the condition of my batteries might determine whether or not I get that shot of the bridal couple, at the altar, putting on the rings. I want to give them the satisfaction of knowing that, years from now, they can flip open that wedding album and see that ‘ring’ shot, and talk about how lovely and smooth their hands looked back then.

That settles it! I’m putting an end to my dilemma. I’m asking my wife to pick up a few new rechargeable batteries for me the next time she goes shopping.

Answer to the Title question:  Both are good! I just needed a couple models for my blog post. Moohaahaa!