Everyday moments

Regardless of where we live in the world, our days are filled with the routines of everyday life. That said, as I sit here and write this post, it doesn’t feel very “everyday” to find a train of strange ants carrying white eggs across our bedroom floor. Good thing my wonderful husband seldom lacks ideas of how to deal with different issues! Anyhow, here are some everyday moments from our life in Thailand right now:

In my Thai class, there is one girl from Hong Kong and one from Japan, and myself. They have both studied Thai in their home countries, so I can’t boast of being much of a star there 🙂

Veronica attends Thai class with three other foreigners two days a week.

One morning we found a tiny abandoned kitten right outside our gate. We named him Yoda because he looked so scrawny. He couldn’t move and was dying, so we took him in and fed him for a few days, much to the boys’ delight. Kittens need to be fed often and this one was sick as well, so we (Rob and I) were rather relieved when the vet offered to adopt little Yoda rather than have her put to sleep.

This veterinary asked us if she could have the little kitten we had found last week if we agreed not to put her to sleep.

During this time of the year the Thai kids start their summer break, so we got to attend a graduation ceremony at a Thai school. The school is called School of Promise and is run by some friends of ours. Except missing my favorite graduation psalm, it had all the familiar parts with speech by the principal and performances by the students.

Children sit restlessly as they wait for the graduation ceremony to begin.

Last, but not least, an old tradition in new clothes: Saturday candy! We biked to the store to let the boys pick what kind they wanted. Life is good.

Veronica takes the boys to the local store on her new bike to buy Saturday candy.

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