Giant Gymhall Hamburger $3.95


Today, I heard an inspiring photographer say “Shoot what you like to shoot. Don’t just copy someone else’s style.” His point was that if you build a porfolio of work that you enjoyed making, there will be an audience that also likes it, and they’ll hire you to create something for them too. but, if you always do what others want you to do, or try to copy someone else, you might not enjoy what you do.

So, here’s my first attempt at having fun with the camera – not that I’ve never had fun before! But I mean with this new perspective. It’s one of those FX pictures, where the hand looks incredibly ginormous because of the way I placed it in the frame in front of the gym hall. Pretty nifty, huh? My brother and I tried this once when we were kids, in our parents’ back yard. So much fun!

I think I like this new way of shooting. Maybe I’ll make lots of bucks selling pictures of giant gymhall hamburgers. Or, maybe, just maybe I’ll develop unique a style out of it and become the next Ansel Adams.

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