Haircuts and Heart valves

new haircuts
Dad and the boys after getting their haircuts

I took this picture yesterday. Do you like it? Actually, Veronica took it, but I set up the camera for her. Did I mention that her calling in life is NOT to hold my reflectors and assist me on photo shoots? Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yes, haircuts… Veronica… she took this picture of the boys and me yesterday evening after we cut our hair.

It works like this: I bring the hair-cutting tools out to the back lawn, set up the laptop and pop in a kids movie. This time it was Bolt. Then I sit Lucas in the chair first and start clipping away. I have to use scissors because the electric clippers tickle his neck. Have you ever tried to clip hair from a three year old’s ticklish neck? I think maybe the only thing harder to do is replace a heart valve! Oops, more on that later. Then, when I finish with Lucas, we trade out Rasmus and clip away. By age five, Rasmus is a pro at letting me cut his hair. But he still makes the occasional move and jerk, which is a challenge. then we throw them, literally, in the bath tub, dry them off and let them finish watching the film, then send them to bed.

After their in bed, I go into the bathroom and clip my own hair using scissors, electric clippers, a mirror and stealth-like accuracy. It saves me around 290 kronor ($44). Not a bad deal for the results I get. Funny story, it took me about a year to figure out that if I tilt my head to the far right, I can clip my left side of my head evenly! Don’t know why it took me that long to figure it out! Oh well, we live and learn.

What was I saying about a heart valve replacement? Well, in case you subscribe to our Swedish Meatballs newsletter (subscribe here!!!), but missed it in the previous four years, I am having an aortic heart valve replacement surgery sometime in September. I have had a leaky valve my entire life, but only recently (5 years ago) did the doctors recognise that I had a leaky valve. They have been monitoring it ever since, as well as giving me BP medication, until the heart and valve have reached a certain stage where it is optimal to replace the valve. That time is now here. I go in for an angiogram on the 24th of August. the reason is to check out if there are any other issues the surgeons may have to deal with while they’ve got me opened up. Routine procedure. After that,m the surgeons will meet and decide when to do the surgery. I am told it will be sometime near the end of September.

So, there are two prayer points. 1. my heart surgery and 2. my steathly hair-cutting skills. Pray that God will have his eye on both sets of hands.

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