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Darby FamilyHey friends! We moved to Thailand! We’re living in Chiang Mai since the 5th of January. We left our warm family – and cold Swedish climate – back in Europe. Our plan is to be here for five, mabe ten, years. But we’ll start with two and see how everybody’s doing.

So far, we’ve had a great adventure, with lots of small miracles and blessings from local Thai folk, ex-pats and of course God! BTW The Thai people are so flippin’ nice to us. When I go out to practice my Thai, I end up doing it over an ice coffee with two, or sometimes three, Thais who volunteer to sit and listen to me babble like a baby. This happened to me just yesterday.

“Ga-fay yen nam-tan nit-noy na khrap” means: “Ice coffee, a little sugar please”

This girl sells strawberries, when they're in season, at a local market in Chiang Mai.
This girl sells strawberries, when they’re in season, at a local market in Chiang Mai.

The short story is, Veronica and I have always had a desire to move out to the 10/40 window – don’t know what that is? You can ask us. – and work with something we love to do. For me, that something is photography/visual communicaiton. Veronica’s something is to just stand there and hold my reflector and camera bag. Riiight! No, her ‘something’ is to use her gifts and talents to help abolish injustice. A big task, no doubt! But a nobel one. And I tell you that she has it in her to make a difference!

The boys are, well, liking it here, so far. They’re not loving it. But I guess most children wouldn’t appreciate being uprooted from all their comforts, friends and favorite foods. But they’re slowly starting to settle in here and enjoy their new home.

Enjoy the photos from our first two weeks in our new culture. There’s more to come, so please subscribe to our posts to the right!

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