I won a photo contest!


Want to hear some fun news? Well, it’s fun news for me at least. I won a photo contest! My family and I went with some other families to a Swedish national day event just outside Uddevalla. It’s called Gustavsberg, and it is a place full of old houses, a café and lots of grass, right next to the water’s edge. As we walked around the corner of the entrance to the park, there was a big tent, sponsored by the kommun (county) with a sign saying “Photo contest for Swedish National Day”. The Winners

My friend David, who was with us is also a photographer, looked at me and asked, “Hmm! Why not try?” So we kicked our photographic attitudes up a notch and started looking for good Swedish-national-day-looking shots. When we came back to our home at Restenäs, David and I edited our best three photos in my office while Veronica and his wife hung out and had some girl time together. We sent in our photos and voila! I won first and sixth places, while David won second, third and fourth places. First prize is a digital photo frame. Oooh.. Cool! I’ve always wanted one of those!! Well, not really. but it’s fun to win first place anyhow.

David is, in my opinion, a very good photographer. He has a website if you want to see his work. He had been in Cambodia just two days after I left Cambodia. So together we will be showing our Cambodia photos in a few small cafés around Bohuslän.

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