Lights! Camera! ..Uhm, what’s the Arabic word for ‘Action!’?

boat in water
This could be one of the worlds greatest films ever! At least we think so 🙂

No doubt, you have heard about the auspicious film we plan to make this summer in Sweden? If you haven’t then you need to eat more Kebab, Falafel, and Syrian meatballs! I assume these are all foods found in Syria. My team and I are gearing up for setting the stage, if you will, to rub shoulders with real Syrian people – refugees mostly – to make a film that will bring hope and healing to a people who have needed it for a long time.

Much of the talk about Syria centres around terrible events like the civil war, the Assad regime or a bunch of countries arguing over how we will stop the madness. But, tucked away on a back shelf of dreams flickers a little light, which is being shaped into a full-fledged film script. When the script is done, it will not be just another news report. Nor will it be the 50 kubillionth eye-witness documentary. It will, in fact, be a drama film made for Syrians, with Syrians and by Syrians.

I am impressed with the level of expertise and commitment of our team members. Firstly, we represent seven different nations; this helps keep our cultural perspective broad. Secondly, most of us have lived at least several years outside our own countries; this helps keep our attitudes toward other cultures humble, a key ingredient to making a cross-cultural film like the one we will make. Finally, our teammates are highly skilled in many key areas necessary to meet this type of challenge: script-writing, directing, fund-raising, even the most crucial jobs like: removing duct tape from the side of a building after a shoot, or bringing an actor a glass of water!

One exciting aspect for me is that I get to represent the amazing country of Sweden with all its amazing people and all its amazing nature and long sunsets. Hey! I guess I’m a bit more Swedish than I thought I was. As one of the film’s producers, I spend much of my time emailing back and forth between our global team and our Swedish contacts. And then I email everyone else as I raise funds and camera gear. Occasionally I even get sneak peaks at the script as it develops on that ‘back shelf’.

SRFP Syrian people
My team and I are gearing up for setting the stage, if you will, to rub shoulders with real Syrian people.

So, if you’re even half as excited as I am about making a film for Syrians – what an epic thought! – then I invite you to be part of our secret Facebook Group to stay on top of the latest news. Just send me an email or Facebook message and I’ll add you to the group.

The Darby Family

There are no igloos in Thailand

After inviting a young Thai couple for dinner recently, we decided to play a game of Charades we had brought from Sweden. We figured, “Hey! The cards are illustrated, so everybody will understand the word even without knowing Swedish.” We realized after pulling a few cards, however, that there are no igloos, polar bears or Northern Lights in Thailand!

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