Living the Dream.. Whooooooo!

Living the dreamDoes this group of travelers look happy to you? I didn’t think so.

I learned you should never tell your audience to Smile when you’re forcing them to stop and pose for a photo when all they want to do is get back to that minibus and get home, after a long day at the River.

It’s not that we had a bad time down at the river. It was lots of fun. The kids got to swim, we managed to get most of the food into their bellies before it hit the dirt and sand. No one fell from a cliff.. or from the swinging bridge. Yup. All in all, you could say it was a  pret-ty fun day.

But, as most parents know, time wears thin on the nerves. And by the time I took this photo, I could see the actual nerve proteins glistening through the thin veneer of each nerve in each parent’s body. The phrase ‘conniption fit’ comes to mind right now.

Oh, and the best part of the story – I didn’t say the best thing, but the best part of the “These people are all pretty annoyed right now”, story – is that the boys you see standing on the other end of the bridge; well, they started swinging it back and forth when all the little kiddies had reached the middle of it. This was too much for my friend Preston, and he shouted at them with that angry, protective father voice, “Hey! Cut it out!” with a really strong Canadian accent. Hmm. I think they understood what he meant, even if they didn’t speak English.

It’s easy to look back and laugh about it now, but at the time I didn’t say a word.

Hey Preston, we’re living the dream. Whooooooo!

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