Photo exhibit hits the news!

A young Kurdish girl looks over her father's balcony in Dalaberg, a suburb of Uddevalla.

Lydia Callsen, my Media Co-worker from Germany just left for home this week, but not without leaving a positive impression on Uddevalla, our closest neighbouring city. I helped Lydia plan and pull off a photo exhibit about the Life in Uddevalla. We often hear that there is nothing good in Udevalla, that it is boring and dead. Do you know a town like that? So I iencouraged Lydia to do something about it.

She, along with myself and another photographer went around Uddevalla several times and simply took photos of people and places. The result was a photo exhibit which showed during Uddevalla’s Fjordfestival. The exhibit was held in a small basement café called Saronhuest which is owned and run by the churches of the city. We didn’t attract large crowds, but many who came really enjoyed the photos. We had many opportunities to simply get to know the people of Uddevalla during our photo shoots. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of reaching out to a city in more ways than traditional Friday night evangelism. And the conversations seemed more real to me. I think I’ll do more stuff like this!

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