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The Darby Family in Thailand.
The Darby Family in Thailand.
We’re the Darby family, three Americans and four Swedes. That makes four total – we’re lovin’ that dual citizenship thingy! Veronica and I work with You With A M issio n.

We love YWAM, because we believe that young people can do amazing things with God. You don’t have to wait until you ‘get it all together’ before doing something for God. This can be messy – and sometimes a challenge – but we believe it’s the way God wants YWAM to do it.

We have a heart for young people and for the unreached. We try to reflect this in our lifestyle. And we want our children to grow up loving m issio n, believing that it can be fun and an adventure!

We raise all of our own support, and sometimes we work random hours, depending on what we’re currently doing. We take trips to foreign lands, create photographs, eat strange and exotic foods and enjoy working with other cultures. Right now, we’re living and working in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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