Swedish harbor

boathouse in Sweden
I shot this at 7am on my morning walk

Every time I drive into town to buy groceries, or benzine, or paint supplies, I pass this amazing little boathouse in Ulvesund. And just about every time I pass it, I glance over and think to mayself, what a cool boathouse! That’s all. I just think that simple thought. And sometimes, if I happen to have my camera, I stop and take a photo of it. But this time, a couple days ago, I hapened to be out for an early morning walk, with my camera, so shot it again.

I just love living in a place where I can get shots like this. A photographer once said an a podcast I was listening to¬† – I isten to a lot of photography podcasts – he said something like this, “Stop and take that photo you keep saying to yourself you’re going to take. Because one day, that barn you want to shoot just might fall down before you get to it.” Alas, that barn I wanted to shoot did fall down. It is on Highway 4 between Angels Camp (my home town) and Murphys. For years I kept telling myself I would shoot it, but I never did. And when my wife and I visited California a few weeks ago – we visit about every two years – that barn had collapsed. Sigh! Guess I learned my lesson. Well, at least I got the boathouse!

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