How 3G saved our marriage

One of the reasons we’re living in the icy north is to help me improve my Swedish. Before that my Swedish education would go something like this:

The problem

  1. I would try to say a sentence in Swedish..
  2. I would get stuck on a word meaning.
  3. I would ask my wife for help.
  4. She would then attempt to explain for me.
  5. I would not be satisfied with her explanation. (I guess it’s because I’m a ‘headline first, details second’ kind of guy.)
  6. She would get bummed out!

mobile phone translate.jpgThe solution

When we moved up here last month, we decided to get a 3G mobile surfing subscription for my mobile telephone so I can check emails, skype people, etc. Fortunately, one of the apps on my phone is Google Translate. So, now, whenever I need to translate a word in mid-flight, I no longer need ask my beautiful wife what it means. I simply ask my phone. And you know what? It works pretty darned well. The best part: Veronica no longer feels that undue pressure from me that she has to explain it ‘just right’ 🙂

The Confession

3G didn’t really save our marriage, because it wasn’t even in trouble in the first place.. our marriage that is! But what a nice benefit to be able to lighten the load on our communication!