Ten ideas for creating killer posts

swedish farm in springtimeHere’s a cool video I found today with some great tips on making your blog [or Facebook] posts more interesting to read. I believe it will be helpful, even if you’re not a photographer!

If you’re a photographer on G+, chances are you’re mostly followed by other photographers. But there’s a lot more to creating a captivating presense on G+ than posting a new photo every day. Author and photography instructor Matt Kloskowski (co-host of the photography talk show “The Grid” gives you his Top 10 tips for creating posts for photographers that engage, inform and inspire.

My 7 takeaways from the video

  1. Post at regular times – i.e. Facebook traffic is highest during the middle of the week in the middle of the day
  2. Share a Top Ten list
  3. Do a post on ‘How To’ or ‘Lessons Learned’
  4. Quick reviews – Three things I like about “X” (where “X” might be my DTS, working as a misisonary, my camera bag)
  5. Use simple words – Don’t use words people won’t understand.
  6. Take polls or ask questions
  7. Interviews – Ten questions with “X” (some person your readers might be interested in)


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