Thai Noodles – September (update with photos)

tn_logoHi friends! Too much has happened to write it all down now. I’m with the Frontier Film Seminar staff and my classmates, in Southern Thailand, making a film for a Buddhist people group. Veronica is home with the boys.. probably playing Legos about now! Missing me, and I’m missing them! But this is sooo worth it. Enjoy the photos from the past few months! Note – The first few photos are from our time away with Veronica’s family visiting from Sweden. The middle ones are photos in our home. And the last ones are from my Frontier Film Seminar.

Watch now! – Out Of The Box

Click to watch this first edit of a Public Service Announcement my team made as one of our projects in the FFS. It’s called “Out Of The Box” and is a 60 second ad that another person wrote a screenplay of, and our team had to make the film. We had only a few days to plan, shoot and edit the entire ad.

Pray with the Darbys

  1. Pray for me as I join my FFS team to southern Thailand where we’ll be making a short film for a Buddhist, Unreached People Group down who live there, right near the beach. Life is rough sometimes, and I need to ‘suffer for Christ’ in these ways 😉 Hee!Hee! Pray for travel safety, team unity, and no accidents for our team, our actors or our camera gear. Update! We still need to find the right actor for our main character, a young teenage boy. He needs to be Southern Thai and a good actor. Please pray that God brings him to us.
  2. Pray for Veronica and the boys while I’m gone. They’ll be on their own. Although V is thinking about taking the boys to spend a few nights at a friend’s house who has kids.
  3. Pray for my knee operation. It seems our Swedish insurance company is being a bit directive saying that they have decided I should have my kneee operation back in Sweden. This means that they would fly our entire family to Sweden while I have the 20-30 minute surgery. Practically speaking, it seems like a waste of time and money, but they have the final say. Pray that they will use time and money sense and cover the surgery from here. We have excellent doctors in Chiang Mai, and people come from all over Asia and the Middle East to have these sorts of operations here; even some Europeans! Still, God knows all of this, so we need grace to accept whatever decision is made.

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