Time Away

Mom and the boys
Veronica, Rasmus and Lucas heading back to our house from a visit to Mormor and Morfar.

It just sort of sounds right to call it ‘time Away’. After all, that’s what it is.. time away from the ‘ordinary’ unusual life that we live. We’ll still be serving Swedish Meatballs, but they will be a bit hotter because we need to heat them more up in this freezing climate. Brrr! We moved into a warm little house just ten-minutes walk from Veronica’s parents.  Very cool! We take the sled there or if we’re lazy, we take the car. Or if it’s -15, we take the car. Rasmus and Lucas have their own room. The Christmas tree is up. Stuff is pretty much all in its place.. cause, well, that’s the way I like things, neat and orderly. Heh!Heh! I have a rippin’ cold and cough at the moment, as do Ras and Luc. Yesterday afternoon the three of us ate some food at the kitchen table, and we were all coughing in unison. We’ve already had a few guests over for fika, and it feels much more relaxed. I suppose that’s because there isn’t as much work talk going on, as it does at Restenäs. This is one thing I do not miss too much! Although I miss all of our friends there.

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