Veronica reads a Bamse comic book to the boys while Matsola fiddles with his new digital point-and-shoot.

Utflykt means ‘outing’ in Swedish. Like, when you go for a hike and bring along some snacks and coffee. So Veronica, and the boys, and I did that with her Pappa. Ramsus and I rode our bicycls, on the big road! Wow! Then we headed over the bridge to Restenäs Island where we had fika, watched the boys play in the small playground, tried to feed melon rinds to the sheep across the fence and hunted for blackberries. We didn’t find but a small handful of blackberries, but we found a whole heap of quality time together. It makes a huge difference when we take time out for family, or relationships or even just some time alone to clear our thoughts and connect with God.

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