We’re going to Thailand

Our family photoOn March 1st our family is heading to Thailand for ministry, work and vacation.

  • March 1 – Family vacation at the beach. Our small chance to take advantage of the flight. We figure we might as well take an extra week since we’re already there and make a small family vacation out of it.
  • March 8 – We’ll run a retreat for our long-term teams out of the field in the region. They truly deserve a break, because they have given up so much more than we have by committing to at least several years of service. The retreat will last a week. We will pamper them, hang out with them, listen to them, have devotionals and times of worship, etc.
  • March 15 – Veronica will fly to PhnomPenh, Cambodia with some of our field team members and get to know the people and places of ministry that she is supporting back here in Sweden. the boys and I will hang out back in Thailand and spend some man time together. Argh!
  • March 20 – Veronica will return to Bankok and take the boys back home to Sweden. I will continue on to either India or Cambodia where I will take photographs as a people project.

We are raising money for our trip expenses and equipment for my photography project. If you would like to donate towards it, please visit our website to find out more: http://darbyfamily.ywamnetworks.com/thailand/donate/

To pray for us go to: http://darbyfamily.ywamnetworks.com/thailand/pray-for-us/

And yes, we have a new website! darbyfamily.ywamnetworks.com We invite you to visit it to read about what we do and our latest news, as well as enjoy photo albums and videos. Hope you enjoy it.

God bless you! See you when we get back.

Rob, Veronica, Rasmus and Lucas

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